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OneTrick Simian SDS-V Inspired Drum Synthesizer

Developer Punk Labs in September 2022 announced the release of the OneTrick Simian plugin, an open source cross-platform Drum synth inspired by hex classics like the Simmons SDS-V (I remember this because I wrote about it in the forgotten ???? audiotoolsblog- news ; Should the activity return there?). Anyway, the news here is that it has released a 100% free version of this plugin, with some limitations, but still fully functional.

OneTrick Simina - Punk Labs

The OneTrick Simina synthesizer plugin is presented as the virtual instrument that opens the door to enter the sound of the 80s. The sound offered by this plugin is based on Simmons SDS-V. You'll be able to create Kicks, customize thumping Snares and sizzling cymbals that merge with his clacky claves and crunchy Claps. "Bring synth sauce to your sublime soundscapes or drop indelible 'pewww pewww tom toms' on your new nu-disco production."


The Simmons SDS-V was the first viable electronic replacement for acoustic drums. It was developed by Richard James Burgess and Dave Simmons, initially manufactured by Musicaid in Hatfield, UK, and released commercially in 1981.



The paid version of OneTrick Simian has 10 configurable voices that can be customized with selectable icons and colors to help quickly identify kit parts, BUT! the FREE version only offers us 4 voices: Kick, Snare, Tom, and Hi-Hat. Each voice has its own velocity-sensitive tone, filter, and amp dynamics. Adjustable global saturation and 1176-style limiter with drive control tie the kit together. All parameters are automatable.

OneTrick Simian Free Download