Deja Vu:  Time Warp Effect - VST/AU/AAX

The Cymatics company surprises again with a new free plugin release. DEJA VU "a time warp effect for a dreamy sound." This is the fourth free plugin that this company has released: Diablo Lite “transient processor”, Space Lite “reverb effect” & Origin “lo-fi vintage effect”, all of these 100% FREE.

DEJA VU - Cymatics

The Deja Vu plugin will let you reimagine any sound with customizable Warping FX. This effect was designed to completely change the vibe/feeling of any sound by stretching time and changing pitch in a musical way. "This atmospheric 'slowdown' effect can be heard on countless modern pop and hip-hop records."

Deja Vu provides complete creative control over audio timing and pacing, this plugin has become a favorite of the Cymatics team. Includes 9 unique time signatures to change, with customizable parameters to change the result in real time.

What can you do with Deja Vu ?

Deja Vu was created to be an inspirational special effects engine, allowing for a variety of different creative results. Whether you're running Melodies through it to create a "slowed down" dreamy atmospheric atmosphere... Or you're processing drums, vocals, or even completely finished tracks to create changes... the possibilities are limitless. You can use it to completely change the feel and tonal DNA of any sound you play. "We recommend trying it on Melody Loops, vocals, guitars, song intros, changes, and even full songs."

How does Deja Vu work exactly ?

Deja Vu works by time-stretching the audio at 1.5x, 2x, or 4x speed (buttons in the Mode section). "This type of effect is exactly what you would hear if you slowed down the playback speed of an old tape machine." And by customizing this with the Loop function, you can choose when you want the plugin to loop the effect, “this way, you can even use Deja Vu on any layer in a song and it will still keep up with the rest of the layers.” . The Smooth parameter is designed to smooth the transitions between these fragments, eliminating clicks and pops in the process. The Band function in Deja Vu is a bandpass filter with adjustable high and low cutoff values. This filters only the pithed signal, leaving the dry signal outside this filtered band intact. The Mix parameter allows you to combine the tuned and Dry signals.

Clicking the Power button will enable or disable the pitch shifting effect, serving as a bypass button. However, it may be musically useful to fade the effect to the desired speed. This is achieved by setting the Fade In and Fade Out parameters. Try setting the Fade value to 1 bar and click the Power button to disable the plugin.

Free Download Deja Vu Plugin

The Free download of the Deja Vu plugin can be found on the official Cymatics website «. We just need to click on the "FREE DOWNLOAD" button and provide a valid email to unlock the FREE download link.

We will find the Deja Vu plugin in VST3 / AU / AAX formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac 64 bit operating systems.