Synthmaster 2 Player includes 2000 sound presets

One more time! For a limited time you can get a free license for the KV331 Audio Synthmaster 2 Player Virtual Instrument plugin (regular value $29 USD). This virtual instrument is characterized in that it only works through presets. The promotion will be available until October 31, 2023.

Synthmaster 2 Player - KV331 Audio

This Synthmaster Player virtual instrument is based on the "real" Synthmaster synthesis engine that offers us unlimited control for creating synthesis, in these player versions we have limited control to modify the presets up to a maximum of twelve parameters, but everything will depend of the preset that we have assigned.


SynthMaster Player is based on the same synthesis engine as the full edition of SynthMaster. It has the same synthesis capabilities under the hood, except that most of the parameters are not accessible to the user.


In simple words in Synthmaster Player we cannot create sounds from scratch, KV331 Audio makes that very clear to us, this version of the plugin is aimed at users who prefer to use presets instead of designing their own sounds, to all that I would add that it is a Good plugin to get started in music production if you still don't have much knowledge about synthesis.

So in general we have a synthe that now comes with 2000 factory presets (before there were 1800), where we can only edit twelve simple parameters (filters, envelopes and more) and activate or deactivate (bypass) the layered effects (Layer Fx) that may have the preset to use assigned to it.

Synthmaster 2 Player Free Download

To get the free license for Synthmaster we must go to the official website of the KV331 Audio developer «». Once on the site you must click on the "Get it Now" button. Once the process is completed, you will be sent a serial number to register the plugin. You will have to enter the serial number when you start Synthmaster Player for the first time.

The Synthmaster 2 Player virtual instrument will be found in Vst, Vst3, Au and Aax plugin formats for Windows and Mac 64-bit operating systems.