Frohmager: Resonant Low Pass Filter - vst/au/aax plugin

The development company Ohm Force has announced the launch or re-release of the Frohmager vst plugin. “Like its ancestor, it is a unique low-pass filter with additional resonant harmonics and distortion, and like its ancestor, it is also FREE. But unlike its ancestor, it has a new user interface (GUI), an extensive modulation matrix with LFO, strange LFOs, Step Sequencer, ADSR, Envelope Follower, etc., randomization and Macros that offer so much more mapping option. usual".

Frohmager - Ohm Force 

The Frohmager plugin is a one-of-a-kind Low Pass filter that adds resonant frequencies to the mix. It features and offers an extensive modulation grid, the same one created for the Ohmboyz Infinity plugin, which includes a large collection of LFOs, as well as an ADSR, a step sequencer, and an Enveloppe Follower mode. "All of this comes with detailed controls, auto-modulation and randomization options."

Additionally, the Macros² system is combined with a browser where each patch is documented, providing a great hands-on experience. “Macros² are a way of saying they are Macros, but with a lot more mapping control than what is usually offered to give you the best possible experience when it comes to using presets (or using your own direct).”

In general we have:


  • Cult-classic resonant low-pass filter that retains and amplifies harmonic frequencies
  • Now with modulation everywhere, including ADSR, Enveloppe Follower, classic and unique LFOs that can also modulate each other.
  • The exclusive Macros² system allows for unprecedented live expression and rapid exploration of presets!
  • Elegant and carefully designed user interface with practical buttons, quick navigation and a good read of the action.


Frohmager vst plugin free

To get the free download of the Frohmager vst plugin, you must go to the official website of the Ohm Force developer , when you enter the plugin page you must look for the "GET" button, when you click on that button you will be redirected to the plugin download links. Note: it does not require creating a user account or providing an email.

We will find the Frohmager plugin available in VST / VST3 / AU / AAX formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac operating systems (32 / 64 bit).


• Fun Fact: a few months ago the developer Ohm Force had a small collection of legacy plugins, which you can also get for free by having a user account on their website. Important: these come "without support", that is, if due to these things in the systems one of them does not work correctly, the developer will not provide support to solve that possible problem.