Warmy EP1A emulation of Pultec Modern plugin Vst3/Au/Aax

It was June 11, 2021 and Kiive Audio officially presented itself with the launch of its first plugins: Filkchannel Strip, Tape Face, Lunchbox Amp Sim & Warmy EP1A (the latter FREE), and to date it has released a few more (and more are coming on the way), one of them is the emulation of a renowned analog compressor, which you can find in the Plugin Alliance store: Xtressor. Well, but the news here is different, well, recently the Warmy EP1A plugin has received an update, where it has been completely remodeled, including all the new DSPs, also presenting a new toolbar menu and much more tube goodness!


• About Kiive Audio: Brand composed of Eddie Lucciola (@ed_lucciola) who is in charge of the programming, modeling and algorithm of the plugins and Pablo Ochoa (@pablinimaxd) in charge of designing the Graphics & GUI (Graphical User Interface) of the plugins. 


Warmy EP1A - Kiive Audio

The Warmy EP1A plugin is not the emulation of the classic and "legendary" Pultec from the 70s, this is an emulation of a "Modern" Pultec manufactured by Warm Audio since 2015: the EQP-WA Tube Equalizer. At first glance its design is similar to a classic Pultec with the two equalization bands and the cut filter band, but if we look closely we can notice how there are more frequencies to select for the 'Low Frequency' band and in the 'Cut filter'. High Frequency'.

In the Boost and Cut Low Frequency equalization band we have the three classic Pultec controls, the "Boost" (for frequency level increase) & "Cut2 (for frequency level attenuation) knobs and the "Hz" control (this allows you to select the frequency on which you will work), in this last adjustment knob where we will find another difference from the classic Pultec, 3 extra frequency points are added: 200, 400 and 800 Hz, this gives it more flexibility.

In the Boost High Frequency equalization band we have the control knobs: Boost (to increase the frequency level), "kHz" (to select the frequency on which to work), and Bandwith (to modify the bandwidth of the filter). These controls have the same values ​​that we can find in the classic Pultec from the 70s.

In the Cut High Frequency equalization band there are 2 knobs for adjusting attenuation in the high frequencies. The "Cut" knob (to adjust the cut frequency level) and the "kHz" knob (to select the filter cutoff frequency). In this section we will find another differences from the classic Pultec: 2 added frequency points to select, 3 and 4 kHz.

And we also have the controls to adjust the input and output signal level (Input / Output +/- 18 dB), Integrated Oversampling up to 16x, a pair of buttons for Undo (Undo) and Redo (Redo), Scalable GUI, Compare A / B and menu to manage the Presets, and now they have added the THD (total harmonic distortion) control that allows us to adjust the harmonic distortion to taste and also now offers us two Tube emulations: ECC88 & 12AX7, each with a different degree of harmonious coloring.