Combear Parallel Compression plugin Vst/Au

Combear is a parallel compression effect that provides  powerful and incredible feel to drums, synths, vocals, and more. ComBear is packed with amazing features like; Compress, Mix, Input Gain, Makeup Gain and Bypass. By adjusting the compression knob, increase ComBear's parallel compression, bypass ComBear's effects on your track with the Bypass switch, correct the makeup gain which changes depending on the amount of compression you add to the element by adjusting the makeup gain , adjust the gain coming in from the element by adjusting the input gain, and finally adjust the amount of ComBear you hear in the element with the Mix knob. The idea behind this plugin was, of course, parallel compression. by WA Production.


The plugin appears to be heavily inspired by Dada Life 's incredibly popular Sausage Fattener compression and saturation tool . Taking cues from Sausage Fattener's animated GUI, ComBear features an animated bear in the top right corner of the UI that will look angrier as the amount of compression increases.


The main way Combear should be used is to add it to a clean channel duplicated from the original and compress a lot and this mix with the original signal, this tactic brings a bold, delicious and intense sound to all the elements in the production that it is applied.

Combear would classify it as a clean compressor since it does not apply any type of equalization filter by default within the frequency range and the Mix knob allows us to play with how much compression we add to the signal to be processed.

Don't forget the makeup gain to maintain the same input level and compare. Remember that sounding louder is not synonymous with sounding better.

The free download of the Combear plugin can be found on the official WA Production website here . You only need to have a user account to access the free download from WA Production or you can also download it from plugin boutique here .

We will find the Combear plugin in Vst, Vst3 and Au formats for Windows and Mac 32/64-bit operating systems.

And if you enjoy  free stuff,  don't hesitate to look at the free section of WA Production  here , you will find a significant number of sample packs aimed at different musical genres and in the free plugins section you will find the free  Essential Kick plugin , it will help you spice it up. to your Kicks.

What is parallel compression?

In its simplest form, parallel compression, also called New York compression, is a highly dynamic range compression technique used in sound recording and mixing. Basically, parallel compression is a large form of bottom-up compression and is achieved by mixing a raw "dry" or slightly compressed signal with a highly compressed version of the same signal.