MMM: a Magical Midi Modulator - Vst/Au/Aax plugin
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Plugin development company GS DSP (short for Gustav Scholda Digital Signal Processing) has released the plugin 'MMM' (the Magic Midi Modulator) and we can get it as a free download. This Vienna Austria based company was founded in 2020 by Gustav Scholda and joined in 2021 by James Swift with the purpose of delivering state of the art audio plugins to manipulate your sound from subtle to extreme in an easy to use way. You may know this company from the plugins: FRQ • Shift & Spctrl • Eq, developed in collaboration with Tonsturm.
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MMM (Magic Midi Modulator) - GS DSP

Lately I've been playing around with modulation quite a bit, adding a little bit of modulation will help you get a livelier vibe in your music production, at least that's what I think, anyway "Are you ready to add a little "Mmmph" to your music? your music production? Look no further than MMM: the Magical Midi Modulator that's so good you'll be saying mmMMMmm all day." They present it to us as simple as that from GS DSP, but what does this plugin do?

The MMM plugin is a tool that will allow you to modulate "anything", be it an effect plugin or some features of your virtual instrument, where many times we would like to have a bit of modulation, that's where MMM comes into action, it can control anything accept MIDI CC. Everything you wished for had modulation, even that vintage lava lamp ????.

This tool features various knobs, sliders, and XY Pads, which will have you feeling like a futuristic space DJ in no time. The MMM plugin offers the process of creating sounds that will make Mozart turn in his grave. Customize your LFOs, shape your waveforms, and even modulate based on the amplitude or pitch of a source signal. With MMM, the modulation possibilities are endless!

MMM (Magic Midi Modulator) Free Download

We will find the free download of the MMM plugin on the official website of the developer GS DSP , when you redirect to the previous link you must click on the "Download" button to download the MMM installer, then you must obtain the license by clicking "GET FREE KEY". When you start MMM for the first time you will have to enter the license key you have obtained and thus have full access to the plugin.

We will find the MMM plugin available in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac operating systems (64 bits) and AUv3 compatible with iOS.