Pure:Limit - limiting effect powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Pure:Limit - Soundable

The pure:limit plugin, developed by Sonible, presents "a new limiter for users who want to achieve the best possible sound without having to modify too many complex parameters." This AI-powered plugin is compact on the outside, but packs a punch on the inside. pure:limit will allow you to control signal peaks “effortlessly”, balance dynamics and find the right level for a mix, “all at the touch of a button”.

“Pure:limit ensures that the level and dynamics of each mix are at their optimal point before any track leaves the creator's studio. It doesn't matter if your audio material includes soulful vocals, heavy bass samples, distorted guitars, or smooth podcast vocals - the right amount of limiting is essential for any track to sound great on all speaker systems. In all scenarios, pure:limit delivers.”


Maximum impact without the guesswork: Sometimes, maintaining a smooth workflow requires a tool that delivers easy results. With its automatic parameterization, a wide range of genre-based profiles, and instant playback, Sonible's new limiter plugin takes efficient, hassle-free limiting to the next level.



pure:limit is the right tool for creators who want to put the finishing touches on their mix without delving into parametric details. This limiter features a clean interface design that interactively displays the limited audio signal. 

In addition, pure:limit offers two effective tools for shaping the sound: to enhance the desired vibration, the "style selector" allows the user to determine how hard the limiter should hit the signal, and the "inflate parameter" offers the option of create a richer, more vibrant sound.