Tape Machine 80: emulation of the magical Studer A80

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T-RackS Tape Machine 80 - IK Multimedia

The Tape Machine 80 plugin lets you relive the magic of the Studer A80 in the digital world. "When it comes to multitrack analog tape machines, there is perhaps none more respected than the Studer A80. This Swiss machine became the universal standard for high-end professional multitrack recording, and now it's available to you in the T-RackS Tape Machine 80.


The A80 was produced from 1970 to 1988, and was a prime studio item during that time. In its various revisions, the A80 became an essential part of countless influential records, with a perfect blend of transparency and subtle harmonic enhancement.


Choose from 4 different tape formulas, each with its unique shade: 


  • 250 : Modeled after the 3M/Scotch 250 formula, this is the most colorful of all the formulas. It began production around 1974 and offers a warm tone with a bit more distortion and saturation than the other formulas included in the package.
  • 456 : Modeled after the Ampex 456 formula, this model began production around 1974. Perhaps the most widely used tape, the one that contributed the most to what is considered “the tape sound.” It offers a warm, round tone with a slight touch of overdrive that responds greatly to the recording level.
  • GP9 – Modeled after the Quantegy GP9 formula, this tape accepts higher signal levels with minimal distortion and compression. It is very powerful and perfect for modern, high-quality analog recordings.
  • 499 : Modeled after the Ampex 499 formula, this tape is designed to handle a lot of level with minimal distortion and compression. It also features added high frequency definition making it perfect for printing “digital” recordings, while maintaining an analog sound.


Using a mix of dynamic convolution and physical modeling, Tape Machine 80 recreates the complex interplay of effects that take place in the analog audio tape recording process, down to the finest detail.

• more information about the TRackS Tape Machine 80 here .

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You will find Tape Machine 24 available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats compatible with different DAWs on Windows and Mac 64 bit operating systems.