Dynasty: Compresor Multiband OTT - plugin Vst3

From Pori, Finland comes the release of the Dynastia, Bimono & Clamp plugins, developed by Roope, under the developer alias: Outobugi. Other aliases for Roope / Outobugi within music are Vibelius and Drugbite (this developer describes himself as someone who does many things).


Outobugi / Roope: Another brain from Finland. Looking for work. Someone hire me, please.

Dynasty - Outobugi

The Dynastia plugin is a multiband compressor, but not just any compressor, it is presented as another Clone of the renowned OTT, but with a few extra features, added by Outobugi. What is OTT? is an Over The Top (OTT) compression technique used to make the sound really pop. This processing has become popular thanks to the OTT plugin from Xfer Records (free) , which in turn is an emulation of the OTT preset offered by the native Ableton Live 'Multiband Dynamics' plugin. Sixth Sample's Cramit plugin (free) also offers OTT multiband compression.


Over The Top (OTT): The main idea behind this audio process is to achieve extreme compression upwards (Upward Compression) and downwards (Downward Compression). In other words, OTT processing reduces the loudest parts of your sound while increasing the volume of the quieter parts. The result is no dynamic range and an extremely squashed sound.

If you already know any of the plugins mentioned above, it will not be difficult to understand how this OTT multiband compressor works. And as for the added features that make Dynastia stand out from the others we have the inclusion of stereo width controls for the 3 bands (Width), we can also add distortion / saturation to taste for each band (Excite), and the added for Mid/Side compression. It also offers separate control for the Threshold Upward & Downward, and we have a visualization screen that shows us the change in dynamics when using compression.

Clamp - Outobugi

The Clamp plugin presents itself as a very simple hard clipper, with 4x oversampling. This will allow you to "destroy" the sound, drums, even your master, cutting any signal that exceeds the determined threshold. With just a few controls we will have a really hard signal clipping, with a lot of distortion. We only have to adjust the 'CEILING' knob to determine the ceiling of our desired threshold (the bad thing about this control is that it does not offer a reading of the range of the threshold at which it is working). And to complete we have the In & Out controls to control the incoming and output signal. The HQ button activates 4x oversampling. Note: It would be nice to have the ability to adjust the crossover filter.

• If you want a soft and subtle clipping for your signal, Clamp is not your option, if you are looking for aggressiveness, destruction, Clamp is your option, it really is hard. If you want a well distorted 808, Clamp will be your partner.

Bimono - Outobugi

And the Bimono plugin promises to expand the stereo field of any sound without phase problems. The processing offered by this plugin is similar to the Hass effect, but instead of delaying one of the channels, both are delayed and one of them is inverted. If you add the signal to mono, the effect will cancel.

To control this effect we have the controls 'Amount', which applies the effect and 'Size', which exaggerates the effect of stereo expansion, just by adjusting these two controls we will obtain a wider stereo image on our audio signal . This processing is also mono compatible, that is, if we apply it to a mono signal, we can create the "illusion" of a stereo signal. We can visualize this whole process in the 'vectorscope' meter to verify the signal.


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