impOSCar emulation of the classic 80's OSCar synth

Do you want to get a 100% FREE and perpetual license for the impOSCar virtual synthesizer “authentic emulation of the classic OSCar synth from the 80s” developed by G-Force (valued at $129.99 USD)? If you are a registered user / customer of any product from the hardware manufacturing company Audient / EVO or Adam Audio, you are "lucky", simply go to your user account of one of these companies and you will find this gift.

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impOSCar 2 - GForce Software

The impOSCar 2 plugin is the virtual analog synthesizer of the 80s. "Inspired by the OSCar, the legendary synthesizer from the early 80s that many synthesizer experts consider the English answer to the Minimoog." If you crave rich, lush (and often outrageous) subtractive synthesis sounds, you'll find plenty to love here.


The impOSCar2 synth includes additive synthesis, plus a host of settings to keep you excited. You get dual oscillators and a variety of multimode filters, envelopes, a ring modulator, an arpeggiator, chord memory, polyphonic and channel aftertouch, mono and poly Unison modes, and a massive patch library.


ImpOSCar2, successor to the multi-award-winning impOSCar software synthesizer, gives you more: more modulation options, more opportunities for sound sculpting, and more effects. The result is not simply a synth inspired by a holy grail hardware synth of the '80s, but a new generation of sonic monster with enormous expressiveness and modability.


Go crazy with the effects


«Process drums, vocals or any other audio source through filters, envelopes, ring modulator, etc. from impOSCar2, and will unleash great sonic potential, and possibly sonic armageddon, if you're not careful. For certain hosts (including Logic) a side-chained MIDI-controlled effect is also available, which allows you to route the audio through the arpeggiator. That's just sick (and we love it). If you like synthesis, the GForce impOSCar2 belongs to your studio.

Stores where you can get impOSCar 2

In the following stores you can purchase the impOSCar 2 synth plugin without having to be a user of any Audient / EVO or Adam Audio product.



The impOSCar 2 synth is available in VST / AU / Standalone plugin formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac (32 / 64 bit) operating systems.