Kramer HLS Channel: Helios console emulation


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Kramer HLS Channel - Waves Audio

The Kramer HLS Channel plugin is a meticulous emulation of a Helios mixing console (used in historic sessions at London's acclaimed Olympic Studios) and was developed in partnership with legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer. Waves AUdio says they managed to get their hands on the Helios console from the Rolling Stones' mobile truck, which was used on a host of classic recordings in the early '70s.

In the Kramer HLS Channel we will not only find the emulation of the characteristic Helios Equalizers, known for their "sweet saturation", their High-End Presence and their great Low-End reinforcement, they also emulated the unique behavior, coloration and driving the console preamplifiers. And if that were not enough the HLS Channel contains a precisely modeled VU Meter, which recreates the sensitivity, ballistic behavior, look and feel of the original analog console.

The Helios console, designed and built by Richard Swettenham (In the early 1960s, Swettenham worked at EMI's Abbey Road studios as a service/design engineer and then moved to Olympic studios, where he was asked to design and build a particularly "musical" recording table), later used by Eddie Kramer in the late '60s to record some of rock's most classic tracks at London's Olympic Studios. The mixing console was a success and began a golden era for Olympic Studios, which hosted recording sessions for artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Traffic and many others. After the success of the first Olympic console, its successor arrived. 

Both desks had silver-faced panels with 3-band EQs that had variable boost or cut for midrange frequencies, a high shelf at 10 kHz, and a special low filter that could boost at frequencies from 60 Hz to 400 Hz and cut at 50 Hz. Its microphone preamplifiers used a specially musical transformer made by Lustraphone, a London-based manufacturer of professional and consumer audio equipment. 

This success of these designs attracted special interest from Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, who wanted to base a new studio company on Swettenham's console designs. To avoid conflict with Olympic, instead of commissioning Richard Swettenham to build a console, Blackwell financed Swettenham's creation under the Helios brand. Under the Helios brand, Swettenham continued to produce custom-made recording desks for various studios using Olympic-style equalizers, with Beyer transformers replacing Lustraphone and other small variations.


Kramer HLS Channel Free Download

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We will find the Kramer HLS Channel plugin in Vst, Vst3 and Aax formats for DAWs on Windows operating systems and Vst, Vst3, Au and Aax formats for DAWs on Mac operating systems. 64 bit only.