Metafilter - multimode filter with modulation options

The Black Octopus Audio site is collaborating with the renowned developer brand Waves Audio to offer us the possibility of getting a free license for the Metafilter plugin "a multimode filter with extensive modulation options." And as usual, this is a limited time promotion that will be available until September 30, 2023.

Metafilter - Waves Audio

The Metafilter plugin is an extremely flexible filter, designed to be used as a creative effect, built around a Multimode Filter, with the addition of extensive modulation capabilities and also powered by Wave's virtual voltage technology. In it you'll get everything you need in a 'sound-shaping filter plugin', a versatile creative effect unit, capable of delivering all the warmth, depth and breadth of classic analog filters, along with modern control and "infinite flexibility." distinctive feature of Waves tools.


MetaFilter is powered by Virtual Voltage™, which interfaces various generators, transform filters, envelopes and modulators. Therefore, it uses the same terminology used by its hardware ancestors: VCF (voltage controlled filter), LFO (low frequency oscillator), etc.


MetaFilter provides many types of filters, with the ability to modulate multiple parameters using multiple modulation sources. Modulation sources include a 16-step modulation sequencer, low frequency oscillator (LFO), and envelope follower. These modulation sources can be used to control the filter cutoff frequency (in LP, HP, BP and BR modes), filter speed (in Comb mode), amplifier gain (in Amp mode), filter resonance (in LP, HP, BP, and BR modes), filter feedback (in Comb mode), and the speed of a dedicated delay effect. This makes it easy to achieve effects that you can apply, such as: sweep filter, tremolo, auto wah, rhythmic gate, ducking to hypnotic modulation delays with saturation accumulations.


With intuitive controls that are attractive and enjoyable to use, you can effortlessly customize and program your own presets. Thanks to its easy-to-use MIDI learning capabilities, MetaFilter can be controlled from any MIDI control device, a huge advantage for live DJ performances. Additionally, when MetaFilter is connected to a MIDI keyboard, the keyboard can be used to play the filter cutoff.



"Whether you're creating rhythm loops and tracks from sound bites, adding a subtle effect to a guitar part, or simply tweaking a vocal track just for fun, MetaFilter's versatility and endless possibilities make it the ultimate tool. to create and produce innovative, eccentric and avant-garde music in the studio and on stage.

Get the Free Metafilter plugin

To get the free download of the Metafilter plugin developed by Waves you must go to the following special link " ". You are required to have a user account on the Waves site so you can get this FREE license.

We will find Metafilter in Vst, Vst3, Au and Aax plugin formats compatible with different DAWs on Windows and Mac 64-bit operating systems.


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