Join Producer Secrets and download for free: Xils 3 LE & TheStrip

Producer Secrets is a new messaging channel dedicated to producers, in its different channels you will find exclusive downloads, production tricks, cheat sheets to improve workflow and more, all powered and supported by Beat Magazine. And to welcome new members, they have a little gift for us, get the free Xils 3 LE semi-modular synthesizer from Xils Lab, the versatile Channel Strip called TheStrip from DDMF and a battery pack sampled from the iconic TR 909 and 303 machines by Roland. 

Xils 3 LE - Xils Lab

The Xils 3 LE plugin is a reduced version of the Xils 4 synthesizer, this means that it comes with fewer features, but is still 100% functional. Capable of producing a wide range of classic analog sounds and sounds that no other analog synthesizer can produce, the XILS 3 LE is a true emulation of the Synthi modular synthesizer (VCS 3) and a replica of the 256 Analog Sequencer, “its natural companion.”

You can also add spatiality using the built-in effects of: Analog Chorus with its three modes, the Analog Delay and the classic Spring Reverb... "And the image emerges." In the XILS 3 LE you can connect everything to everything, and you get more than 440 different possible connections per patch, at Audio Rate, so that each of the 6 oscillators can function as an LFO for example.

It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who want to delve into the heart of analog modular synthesis. The input modules: Gate, Transient, Envelope Follower and Pitch Tracker also transform the XILS 3 LE into a powerful effects processor.

TheStrip - DDMF

TheStrip plugin is a Channel Strip type processor, this means that it integrates several processors, to resemble the work of a console channel. This is billed as the essential channel strip, including “the best EQ, gate and compressor” all in one “beautifully designed” plugin. "Simply place this baby on every channel in your project (which you can easily do, due to its low CPU usage) and you'll have the equivalent of a high-quality mixing console on your hands." TheStrip gives you full control of the spectral and dynamic properties of your entire mix.


This channel sounds as authentic as it looks. It's equipped with a comprehensive signal path, precision controls, and unmatched value! It's a must-have for anyone looking for a smooth compressor and EQ that has just the right touch of overdrive. (Christian C. Thompson)




  • 6-band equalizer section (based on the 6144 EQ and this in turn is based on the Neve 5033 analog equalizer)
  • Flexible gate with adjustable attack and release time.
  • No-nonsense compressor with a ratio of up to 10:1
  • phase reversal option
  • equalizer and compressor exchange
  • Internal oversampling available


Xils 3 LE / TheStrip: Free Download

To get the FREE download of the Xils 3 LE plugins developed by Xils Lab (regular value $79 USD) & TheStrip developed by DDMF (regular value $49 USD), you just have to go to any of the messaging channels (social networks: Discord, Reddit , Telegram, Twitter & Viber) from Producer Secrets «. When you enter one of these channels you should look for the publication that promotes this little gift. Personally I recommend entering telegrama to obtain this gift.

Xils 3 LE available in VST/AU plugin format and TheStrip available in VST3/AU/AAX plugin formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac (32/64 bit) operating systems.

• Note: I don't know the end date of this promotion, assuming it has one.