Daniel Gergely Releases Diffuse Plugin Free . You can also support them by naming your own price for the plugin.


Is this a free plugin?

I'm offering this plugin with a name-your-own-price scheme:

I don't want to say it's free because of the time and effort that went into development. However, I want to give you the opportunity to explore the plugin without any limitations even before making a payment.

Offering the full version like this lets you get up and running in seconds (no license keys and activation process) and allows me to focus on meaningful features.

If you find the plugin useful or interesting, I kindly ask for your support.
Your contribution allows me to continuously improve the plugin and work on exciting new projects. Thank you.




▷ A fusion of delay + reverse + reverb + freeze + filter + modulation + tremolo + octave + shimmer


▷ Endless: each seed produces a unique configuration of the built-in effects and modulators


▷ XY control for easy access to a wide range of sounds


▷ Up to 2 seconds of delay time (can be synced to the host tempo)


▷ All parameters can be automated


▷ Built-in help tooltips


System Support


▷ Windows 10 / macOS 10.11 or newer


▷ Host with VST3 or AU support (64-bit only)