AX Chorus - Martinic - Plugin Free for a limited time

AX Chorus analog emulation effect 

Get your special gift, the AX Chorus plugin from the development company Martinic in collaboration with Proshare Audio*, a site dedicated to helping producers actively improve the quality of their tracks and more. This is a limited time promotion, you can get it on the Proshare Audio site and it is available to both existing and new users. Ends on July 2, 2023.* Offer personalized feedback from industry professionals and provide high-end mastering services. Plus, its advanced search engine has over 7,500 record labels to help connect you with the right opportunities. To make things even better, they offer an easy-to-use demo submission tool.


AX Chorus - Martinic

The AX Chorus plugin is based on the MN3009 Bucket Brigade chip found in AKAI synthesizers models AX73 and AX60. Martinic has developed this chorus plugin "100% the same" as the mono input versions found on the original synths, but Martinic added the option to turn it into a stereo effect. 



Since Akai never released the chorus as a separate effect, Martinic envisioned what it might have looked like back in the 1980s, and they've bundled the AX73 and AX60 chorus effects into one unit.


The Martinic 'AX Chorus' is a unique chorus that promises to add instant analogue character to your production. Includes options for mono or stereo operation plus AX60 and AX73 analog chorus effect models. Also including a 3-band EQ and the option to sync tempo with your DAW, "it's incredibly flexible to shape the perfect sound and add warmth to any track."

Get AX Chorus Free

To get a free license for the Martinic AX Chorus plugin you must enter the special link provided by Proshare Audio). After entering the previous link you will be asked to fill out a small form to create an account (you must enter the artist name and valid email) and then configure it.

When you enter the BASIC plan will be activated in proshare audio, which has a regular value of 1.75 euros per month, but this time you will have it FREE until 2025 and you can also claim a FREE AX Chorus license: Old members have received your personal code in the last newsfeed, new members will receive it one day after submitting their first clue.

We will find AX Chorus available in VST, AU, CLAP plugin format compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac operating systems. 32 / 64 bits.


PS: I have personally completed the registration process and sent my first track, in theory I just have to wait until I receive my license for the AX Chorus plugin, it should take no more than 24 hours to arrive . The license did not arrive automatically, I had to contact Proshare Audio, I did it by email and I wrote them a message in the promotion post, they answered me by internal message at Proshare Audio to send me the link to get the FREE license AX Chorus plugin.