Charlatan 3: virtual analog synthesizer

New version and FREE download of the Charlatan 3 “Virtual Analog Synthesizer” plugin. The developer BlauKraut has recently released the "final version" of this plugin, this whole new beginning begins in mid-2023, when the first beta version of Charlatan 3 was released, this virtual synthesizer with more than 10 years of life has been redesigned from scratch, where new features have also been added to give it more capabilities and offer much more musical versatility.

Charlatan 3 Synth - BlauKraut

"Don't miss a moment of inspiration." The Charlatan 3 plugin is a virtual analog synthesizer, "focused on sound quality and ease of use." It features an optimized GUI (Graphical User Interface), which promises to never get in your way when you want to move quickly through your music production workflow.



Under the hood, a powerful but not overwhelming synth engine is ready to be explored as you delve deeper into the sound design. A true musical instrument that smoothly adapts to your mood and experience.


Feature Summary


  • Two dual oscillators per voice with custom drawable waveforms, cross-modulation (Phase Mod, Linear Frequency Mod, Ring Mod), windowed hard sync, and noise generator.
  • Up to 7 unison voices per oscillator
  • Two filters per voice with types: 4-pole ladder LP/HP/BP, Acid LP, 2-pole Sallen-Key LP/HP/BP, Notch & Comb
  • Flexible filter routing (serial/parallel/dual)
  • Four modulation generators with freely drawable shape where each can function as an LFO or envelope generator.
  • Four modulation transformers (XFORM) allow any control signal to be reshaped through user-defined mapping.
  • Arbitrary routing of modulation signals using Drag'n'Drop
  • High quality Master FX section: Distortion, Phaser, Chorus, Reverb, Delay, EQ
  • Optional 2x internal oversampling
  • Preset Browser



Free Download Charlatan 3 Synth

To obtain the FREE download of the Charlatan 3 plugin we must go to the official website of the BlauKraut developer , when you enter you must find the "DOWNLOAD" section, there will be the download links for the different compatible systems presented by the Charlatan synth plugin 3.

We will find the Chalatan 3 plugin available in VST3 / CLAP formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Linux operating systems. 64 bit.