Hz Box:  algorithmic soundboard emulator

The developer Higher Hz has released the Hz Box “algorithmic soundboard emulator” plugin, and you can get it 100% Free. This is already the third release of this company, previously we have been introduced to the effect plugins: Hz Delay & Hz Multiplier, you can also get them for free.

Hz Box - Hz Higher

The Hz Box plugin presents itself as an algorithmic soundboard emulator, capable of adding character by changing the timbre quality of any sound. "The plugin can help define a sound's place in your mix by giving it the richness and depth you need." The Hz Box plugin is taking the concept of what a real world soundbox does to sound, and with it you can make subtle character changes or create a whole new tonal profile.


Soundboard Emulation: Hz Box adds depth and richness by emulating some of that tone-shaping soundboard magic. A dreadnought guitar has certain expected tonal qualities, including punchy lows, bite in the midrange, and crisp highs. These common characteristics are due in large part to its popular body (soundboard) shape, which helps define the guitar's tonal profile. The soundboard vibrates at the same frequency as the string, which sets the surrounding air molecules into vibratory motion. In simpler terms, the size and shape of the soundboard, airflow, and various other elements contribute to the overall sound. An acoustic guitar is a perfect example of a soundboard in action,


Higher Hz tells us that the point of this algorithmic emulation is not simply to recreate the resonance of a dreadnought or mimic an amp cabinet, "it is to provide the response of a user-defined virtual soundboard on any given sound." Each sound/source will interact uniquely with its parameter settings, making the Hz Box the perfect effect for endless experimentation and tweaking.

The tagline “Algorithmic Soundbox Emulator” seems to describe something quite complex, and in a way, it is “tells us Higher Hz”. And just like previous releases, this one allows you to create and achieve all kinds of weird and wonderful results in the easiest way in terms of workflow. You will be able to add simple and subtle effects to the sound such as having results / effects of the type: soundboard emulation, pitch/timbre changes, chorus, phaser & reverb. And you can also use it to alter the entire DNA of a sound through any number and level of the effects mentioned above.


Hz Box is perfect for experimentation and as such rewards users who spend more time getting to know and understand the plugin with amazing results.


Hz Box Plugin VST Free Download

The free download of the Hz Box plugin can be found on the official website of the developer Higher Hz « ». The download does not require providing an email or creating a user account on the website, you just have to click on the download button that is compatible with your operating system.

We will find the Hz Box plugin in VST, VST3 and AU plugin formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac 64 bit operating systems.