Do you want to send your music or demo tracks to T-Series and get heard? Can we actually do it?

Before we move further, Lets learn about T-Series first!


Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited or T-Series is an Indian Music Record Label founded by Gulshan Kumar on 11 July 1983. Primarily known for its Pop Hindi Songs like "Jhoome Jo Pathan", "itna na mujhse tu pyaar badha", "Agar tum saath ho" and many other thousands of songs which have gone trending on the internet and overall India in past few decades since the launch of T-Series! T-Series has given us many names from the depths of this music world which are now in the hearts of many aspiring musicians and musical artists as their idols. From 'Lata Mangeshkar' to 'Kishore Kumar', From 'Shreya Ghoshal' to 'Arijit Singh' and the list goes on!


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So now we have an overview of the music label! lets talk about how we can send our demo songs to T-series! or can we really do it? First of all, T-series does not have any specific email address or portal where you can send your music to them directly! its all about a reality check that comes with some of the ways that you can try to send your demo tracks to them! lets talk about them below:

  • 1 Approaching T-Series in real life! you will have to approach T- Series in real life in their main office and try to pitch your demo tracks to them!


  • 2 Contacting their A&Rs through official T-Series website or finding internal contacts from the sync libraries or miscellaneous.


  • 3 Submitting demos through an artist manager! Your artist manager must have some good contacts within music industry to actually pitch it up to a big name like T-Series!


  • 4 Getting heard by the A&Rs of T-Series! Now this is how many of the popular names you see on the internet today like "Yohani" (Known for Manike Mange Hithe), "Jonita Gandhi", etc. got into T-Series! They started from YouTube and overall social media in general. And some of their music videos and specifically some of their music started popping up as these female stars were trying to create some quality music within their ability to outmatch the present artists of many big music labels! hence, their songs reached the ears of A&Rs of many big music labels like T-Series and they were approached for the same!

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For now, these are the only possible ways to approach T-Series as a Musical Artist! We hope you found our article informative and helpful by the end of this 5 minute read ❤