Korg Acoustic Synthesis Prototype Phase 8 Sample Library Cover Art

The prototype serves as a demonstration of the new acoustic synthesis technology that Korg Berlin has been working on for the past three years. Unlike most synthesizers, which rely solely on electronic circuitry,  this instrument produces sound using a series of resonating metal tines, a bit like an electric piano. Under each of these resonators, there’s a driver, and when a player presses one of the keys, a driver sends a pulse to the corresponding resonator causing it to vibrate. The instrument has both a hammer mode and a pads mode – both of which dave sampled.

Screenshot of the Korg Berlin Prototype 8 Sample Library

There are currently five prototype units:

All five prototypes units on a beige background

Since the resonators are interchangeable and can be tuned to a range of different notes, each prototype on display sounded different, so this sample library is really only capturing what this one prototype (named “Lukas”) sounded like on this one day. Also, through the magic of pitch-bending, Dave made this into a playable chromatic instrument. But that’s not what it’s like to play the prototype at all. Korg Berlin have discussed the possibility of eventually making a keyboard-style instrument that makes use of this technology. But for now, these prototypes have only 8 notes, and as dave used them, mostly by using the onboard sequencer, they felt to me much more like he's using a drum machine.

As you’ll note, Dave also included some extra features – Note Repeat, Delay, and Reverb – which he felt were in the spirit of the instrument.

The sample library works with the free Decent Sampler player plugin! Make sure to check out and get this sample library through the download button given below!