Producer and Youtuber Sky Jxrdan is collaborating with Waves Audio, and they offer us the opportunity to get a free license for the SuperTap plugin, an analog-inspired delay effect (regular value $79 usd). This is a limited time promotion and apparently it will only be active for 48 hours, but it seems that some 24 hours have already passed.

SuperTap - Waves Audio

The SuperTap plugin is presented as an effect Inspired by the legacy of classic analog equipment: Tape Delays. It offers extensive modulation, panning, and filter options, all of which give you "unprecedented processing power." You can sync the tempo to the host (DAW) or just tap it (TAP); SuperTap gets you the right rhythm.

SuperTap: A six-tap delay that can be used to produce a wide range of multi-tap delay effects, including analog and tape delay emulation, choruses, rhythm loops, and more. Also includes modulator and feedback sections.


Audio delays are in widespread use in studios and sound design, they have been around for quite some time, ever since the first recording devices. There have been many versions, including analog "bucket brigade" types, digital, acoustic, tape, and more, each with its own flavor and character.


The SuperTap plugin doesn't attempt to directly emulate the various types of delay that we can find today, but it does offer a great set of tools to work with to do exactly that, or create completely new effects that are only available in the tools. digital software.

Get SuperTap Waves for Free

To get the free download of the SuperTap plugin we must go to the link and special page within the Waves site . When we enter the link we just have to click on "Get It Free" and that's it, a license will be added to your Waves Audio user account. Then just download Waves Central to get SuperTap installed.

We will find the SuperTap plugin in Vst, Vst3, Au and Aax plugin formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac 64-bit operating systems.