G57FX creative effects module - VST3 plugin

Flandersh Tech is a Norway-based plugin developer with over 20 years of experience in the world of music production and since 2006 a provider of digital music content and tools. Flandersh Tech has a respectful catalog of more than 9 interesting plugins: virtual synth & effects, all FREE. And recently it has released the new G57FX effect, a module-based effects unit, which you can get as a free download.

• Tasty fact: in 2021 I participated in the 8th KVR Developer Challenge with the GFilter & GGen plugins. And remember that this year 2023 a new edition of the KVR Developer Challenge returns , we just have to wait and see if this year it will participate.

G57FX - Flandersch Tech

G57FX is a module-based effects unit: 6 effects and 3 analyzers that work in stereo mode and Mid/Side mode. This plugin is mainly oriented for music production and mixing processes, it can also work very well as a creative effect for sound design occasions. It also has a randomization function in each module.

In effect modules we have:

Sallen Key Filter : it is the modulation module (sinusoidal) for LP / HP / BP filters, with the FREQ knob we will select the central frequency of the filter, with RES we will add resonance, and we can adjust the LFO with the controls LFO Rate & LFO Depth, modulation can be applied to the 'Freq & Res' parameters. It can work in Stereo or Mid/Side.

3 band EQ : it is a simple 3-band equalizer, each of these bands offers High & Low Shelvig and Peak/Bell filters, we have a knob to adjust the center frequency of the filter (FREQ), a knob for the bandwidth (Q ) and we can apply gain or attenuation to these frequencies (GAIN). It can work in Stereo or Mid/Side.

Compressor : it is a simple compressor with the common adjustment parameters: Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release, Makeup and with a sidechain type HPF. note this is not transparent at all, there is a bit of harmonic enhancement. It can work in Stereo or Mid/Side.

Split Comp : it is a two-band compressor (Low & High), with the 'SPLIT FREQ' knob we can adjust the crossover point between these bands, then we can control the compression to our liking for each band with the parameters: RATIO, THRESHOLD , ATTACK & RELEASE. It can work in Stereo or Mid/Side.

Pan/Level Control : allows to add movement in the stereo field of an audio signal (pan control, panning control): with Delay & Level controls for 'Left & Right', and we can adjust the movement with the AM Depth & knobs AM Rate. When used in Mid/Side mode it changes to Level Control (mid/side level adjustment) and the effects that can be achieved seem interesting for the field of sound design.

Doubler : processing that doubles the signal for spatialization and harmonic effects, can work in 2 modes: Low Quality (LQ), works great for instruments that are "thick" and High Quality (HQ), works magic on vocals. It offers tone adjustment controls (CENT & SEMI), we can give it a little delay of up to 100ms, and mix the Dry & Wet signals. It can work in Stereo or Mid/Side.

- In the analysis modules we have a VU Meter, Loudness Meter and a spectrum analyzer, we can change it with a simple click on its switch. In addition, for the general process we can activate HP & LP cutting filters.

• Important, the G57FX is not a "multi-effect plugin", that is, we cannot use more than one effect module at the same time to process the signal. For example, if you use the Compressor module and then switch to Doubler, the compression processing will no longer be applied (even if you save the settings that have been made in the module). Personally, I see more potential for the G57FX as a multi-effect that allows you to use more than one effect at the same time.

G57FX plugin Free Download

The Free download of the G57FX effects module can be found on the official website of the developer Flandersh Tech . This plugin does not require any type of activation, you just have to download, install and run within your DAW????. We will find it in Vst3 format for DAWs on Windows 64-bit operating systems. There is currently no support for Mac-based operating systems.