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Signature Lite Synth for R&B and Hip Hop Production

Developer company ProduceRnB has released the Signature Lite plugin, a stripped-down but free version of the high-fidelity sample-based synthesizer (ROMpler) virtual instrument plugin designed specifically for R&B and Hip Hop production: Signature R&B. The new Signature Lite will help you get an idea of ​​what this powerful tool can do.

Signature Lite - ProduceRnB

The Signature Lite plugin is a sample-based virtual synthesizer (ROMpler), yes, although it doesn't look like it (before trying and looking up some information about it, I thought it was an effect ????). This instrument offers us sounds of the Bass, Bells, Keys, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Struing and more types, which we can edit through different effects incorporated into the plugin.


A ROMpler is an instrument that plays pre-made sounds based on audio samples. The term rompler is a mixture of the terms ROM and sampler. Unlike samplers, romplers do not record audio and have limited or no ability to generate sounds.


Among the effects that we can find within Signature Lite we have: Saturation, Phase, EQ, Reverb, Degrade, Delay & Filter, each of these effects can be adjusted to taste and activated or deactivated. We also have the 'Movement' section, this allows you to add movement, you can easily add modulation and automation to your sounds with just one click. Have fun creating new textures and rhythms with this feature.

• Note: apparently the paid version (Signature R&B) would bring many more sounds to load (around 600).

Signature Lite Free Download