FET Compressor/Limiter and derivatives Vst/Vst3/Au plugin

Analog Obsession returns with a new update for its plugins. And this time it's the turn of the FET Bundle, made up of: 'Fetish' emulation of the classic FET 1176 compressor but with additional functions, 'FetDrive' (Saturated) and 'FetSnap' (Transient shaper), these last two are derivatives of the DSP algorithm from "Fetish". The Fetish, FetDrive and FetSnap update introduces support for the AAX plugin format (compatible with DAW Protools), adds resizable GUI size option (we can adjust it from the bottom right corner) and Apple Silicon compatibility.

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FETISH Compressor 1176 - Analog Obsession

The Fetish plugin, as I already mentioned, is emulating the classic FET 1176 type compressor, but apparently this new Fetish modeling would not be based on the classic 1176 "Blue Stripe" (Remember that there are other 1176 models: LN or BlackFace and AE), so you could say that this is based on the 1176 AE (Anniversary Edition). In addition Analog Obsession integrates, adds additional functions not found in the analog hardware model.


The " AE " descriptor doesn't just stand for Anniversary Edition. The 1176AE borrows the unique sonic characteristics of the original, Revision A "Bluestripe" , while retaining the Class A Low Noise ("LN") circuitry and custom transformers from the more popular 1176 - Revision E.


In the controls we have the classics of the 1176: 'INPUT' knob, this control presents some differences with respect to other emulations, it has internal compensation to boost the circuit and obtain compression (With the original equipment, the input will increase the signal without compensation With FETISH, you don't have to reduce the volume while increasing the input). 'OUTPUT' knob to perform the Make-up Gain.

The ATTACK knob controls go from 20 to 800 microseconds, RELEASE goes from 50 ms to 1100 milliseconds (ms), and Analog Obsession inverted the knob values ​​to avoid confusion. Tip: in the analog design of this compressor these values ​​are inverted, this means that by adjusting the attack or release to the maximum to the left we obtain a slow attack and release and by adjusting it to the maximum to the right we obtain a fast attack and release. Some developers even emulate this feature of analog hardware, be careful with that colleagues.

'RATIO' control we have the classic ratio values ​​4:1, 8:1, 12:1 and 20:1, but AO also adds intermediate ratio values ​​within these classic values, this gives this emulation more versatility. We also have a Mix signal control knob for Dry/Wet mixing. And next to these controls add the 'SLAM' button, when activated we will obtain ultra-fast and aggressive limiting, this function can be used with all Ratio values.

• In addition to the classic controls that we can find in an 1176 analog obsession, it adds a section for specific compression adjustments: the 'HPF' knob (from 20 to 500 Hz) allows us to maintain the low frequencies of the sidechain circuit, this allows the compressor not to affect the low frequencies. The 'HF / FLAT' knob, when adjusted towards the FLAT position is will maintain the natural treble and towards the HF position will compress the treble more. The MF (500 Hz to 10kHz) and MG (+/- 6 dB) knobs. With these two knobs, we can set the middle frequency and set it to compress more or less. If you turn up the "Mid Gain" knob (broad band), you'll get more compression at the selected frequency. If you reduce the mid gain, the mids will be less compressed. And when pressing the 'EXT' button

FetDrive & FetSnap

These two plugins FetDrive and FetSnap are derived from the classic FET compressor algorithm (Fetish). FetDrive is an overdrive effect and FetSnap is a Transient Enhancer effect. Both plugins only have 4 knobs and three of them have the same job: first the 'TONE' knob, this control allows us  to shape the sound source before the drive section (Drive and Snap). So, it works like a Pre-Tone Control, this will allow us to decide which frequency range will be clipped. Second the 'MIX' knob for the Dry/Wet mix. Third the 'OUTPUT' knob (+/- 15 dB) control for the final output signal after the MIX knob. These three controls serve the same function within each plugin.

In each plugin we have a different control, in FetDrive we have the 'DRIVE' knob (from 0 to 50 dB), this will raise the input level and add saturation to the signal (internally under the hood it has gain compensation) and in FetSnap we have the 'SNAP' knob (from 0 to 30 dB), this improves the attack time and reduces the Release of the signal.

• note: personally these last two Fet Drive/Snap plugins I prefer to use on individual tracks.

FET Bundle Free Download

The free download of the FETBundle: Fetish, FetDrive and FetSnap can be found on the  official Analog Obsession site on patreon . Each plugin comes with a self-extracting installer (they don't install unnecessary files on your system). Remember, although the plugins developed by Analog Obsession are FREE you can support the developer by subscribing to his patreon account. 

We will find the FET Bundle plugins in VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats compatible with different DAWs on Windows and Mac 64-bit operating systems.