2B Reverbed Stereo Reverb for Mixing

To celebrate the fact that all 2B Played Music plugins are now fully compatible with the latest MacOS Sonoma, they have decided to offer a 100% discount for the 2B Reverbed plugin (regular value $22 USD), meaning we can get it for FREE using the coupon: REV72FREE , this coupon will be available only for the next 72 hours, ends October 02, 2023.


At 2B Played Music, our mission is to provide you with easy-to-use music software. We believe that once you have to spend less time learning or understanding a software program or plugin, you can spend more time being creative with music.


2B Reverbed - 2B Played Music

The 2B Reverbed plugin is a reverb effect focused on the mix, meaning that we can use it to give spatiality to the synthesizers, drums & percussions up to the vocals, 2B Reverbed provides just what you need to make your signal fit into your general mix.

We can create a short or long tail reverb and have light or dark colored sound in the tail of the reverb. "Wide up your sounds to better fit the stereo image of your mix."


2B Reverbed itself has an open and spacious character. It also gives you the space to apply distortion to the output signal so you can give your drums or percussion that extra character.


The development style of 2B Played Music is clear, they try to offer a plugin that is easy to use but taking care of the quality of the processing. This provides us with the controls: 'Size' (adjusts the size of the reverb), 'Space' (allows you to expand the stereo image of the reverb), 'Damp' (with this control we can achieve a clearer "brighter" reverb or more Dark), 'Mix' (adjusts the Dry / Wet mix). Then there are two controls to give character and tone to the reverb: 'Drive' (adds distortion), 'HP FLT' (applies a High Pass filter) & 'L-CLR & H-CLR' (boosts and cuts high and low frequencies respectively). And finally the 'Gain' control (basically increases the signal level, for both the dry & wet signal).

2B Reverbed Free Download

To get the free download of the 2B Reverbed plugin we must go to the official website of the 2B Played Music developer « . To access the 100% discount you must apply the coupon REV72FREE  during the checkout process, the coupon will be available until June 14, 2023.

We will find the 2B Reverbed plugin in Vst, Vst3 formats for DAWs on Windows 64-bit operating systems and in Au format for DAWs on Mac 64-bit operating systems.