LA-2A Tube Compressor: iconic optical limiter/compressor

And the day came, what I announced a few days ago through the different audiotoolsblog channels is now a fact. Get the legendary LA-2A Tube Compressor plugin developed by Universal Audio itself for 100% off, FREE (regular value $99 USD), “Note: No hardware required.” Hurry, this unprecedented offer ends October 31, 2023.


The History of Teletronix: Teletronix founder Jim Lawrence first used photocells to control audio gain in the early 1960s. His ingenious optical compression design was a technological breakthrough that far surpassed the stability and transparency of the previous circuits. Universal Audio founder MT "Bill" Putnam later purchased this patented technology and continued manufacturing the LA-2A for years to come.


LA-2A Tube Compressor - Universal Audio

«Experience the most famous tube compressor ever made. The beloved "Silver LA-2A" of the late '60s, which remains the vocal compressor of choice in professional studios around the world. And the "LA-2A Tube Compressor" plugin is the ultimate emulation of this iconic optical limiter/compressor, delivering the same smooth, radio-ready dynamic control on vocals, guitars, bass, synths and more. “Add perfect compression with simple controls and presets.”


Even if you're not a professional mixer, the LA-2A Tube Compressor's intuitive controls get you the right sound, quickly, so you can place your tracks perfectly in the mix every time. And with professionally designed presets for vocals, guitars, bass and more, your productions will benefit from the same smooth tube compression heard in over 50 years of popular music.


Featuring a brushed aluminum panel and an original T4B gain reduction module, this beloved “Silver” version of the late 1960s LA-2A, manufactured by Bill Putnam. Its fast time constant makes it suitable for the widest variety of program material, including transient-rich sources such as drums and percussion.



  • Add analog richness with the most famous tube compressor ever created
  • Get warm optical compression textures for vocals, bass, drums and synths.
  • Quickly enjoy radio-ready results, with professionally designed presets



• Important: UAD for everyone, no hardware required. “Universal Audio set the standard in analog emulation and now strives to give creators of all types access to award-winning UAD plugins. “LA-2A Tube Compressor runs natively on Mac or PC and works with any compatible DAW, no UA hardware required.”

Get the LA-2A Tube Compressor for FREE

To get a 100% FREE license for the LA-2A Tube Compressor plugin you must go to the authorized Plugin Boutique distribution store «», when you enter the previous link you must add the product to the cart, follow the steps and finish the checkout. Then you must enter your boutique plugin account, "my products" section, there you will find the installation instructions.

The LA-2A Tube Compressor will be available in VST3 / AU / AAX plugin formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac 64-bit operating systems.