• Teufelsberg Reverb - Put the sound of cold war surveillance into your music Teufelsberg Reverb is based ona set of impulse responses that capture the atmosphere of a former NSA compound located in Teufelsberg, Germany. by  BalanceMastering
The plugin is not incredibly configurable, therefore it is very easy to use. 
There are three control parameters in total: 
1. Reverb type (6 reverb types to choose from)
(Lush reverberations, precisely captured in Berlin's infamous watchtower.)
2. Mixing percentage 
3. Output gain. 
So how does it sound? 
Very good, actually. Please note that this is not a "bread and butter" reverb effect for everyday use. Instead, it's the type of reverb effect you'd like to use to give your project a darker, moodier atmosphere. The fact that the impulse responses were recorded in an ancient watchtower makes everything even cooler.
Windows - Vst
Mac - Vst & AudioUnits
Linux - Vst