How To Get Clients As A Music Producer 

Somethings you need to know before earning as a music producer 
It's pretty hard for a newcomer to earn in this field because maybe you have skills and the :skill you have are good enough . but when you ask for work to any client they gonna ask show us your previous work and if you don’t have any portfolio then how they gonna know that how much potential you have now we have our first question in the mind.
Portfolio : there are several ways to build the portfolio on the initial stage like you can visit the studios in your city and ask them some work if they refuse then tell them you’ll work for free 
Second method to build a strong portfolio. post reels of your music and projects and write in captions or also leave a message in the reel that you’ll work for free and this method always works for everyone and work on at least 50 projects now we have our another point in mind.
Choose Wisely : Now you have a  huge list of songs in your bank this is the time to Choose some good songs for the portfolio because you can’t show all the 50 projects to your clients 
So you have to choose some finest of your projects for the portfolio 
Time to Find Paid Work : This is the hardest job now because even if you have a good portfolio it doesn’t mean that you’ll get clients First of all try to convert your old free clients to paid one’s if you completed 50 projects if you calculate the conversion rate will come to you
And in this case you did some good work so you can expects at least the conversion rate of 10%. Now you have 5 paid clients. Work passionately on there projects and after final submission of the project ask them to refer you to their friends for more work.
Next step for paid work is a bit similar to my previous advice  you have to visit studios and now you don’t have to provide free service this time coz you have a strong portfolio 
And at last you can run facebook ads there’s also a high chance to get some good clients
This are some tips to get clients as a music producer and these are not just tips 
all are tried and tested methods by myself and if you follow all the steps with passion you can earn large amount of money