The Full Paid version is a 5 band analog inspired EQ. High and Low shelves, 3 bell filters. All switchable between Active or Passive inspired filter shapes. Adjustable Q, frequency and gain. High pass and low pass filters with 3, 6, 12, and resonant 12 selections. Per band stereo separation control. Per band Feedback Loop distortion send. Feedback distortion section that simulates active eq nonlinearities, with hpf/lpf to shape into your sound. Output stage with Tube or Solid state models, drive and blend control. Auto Gain with additional adjustment. Up to x16 oversampling, stereo or mono operation.

The Free Version has the same technology as the plus version, without per band stereo separation, per band fb send, fb filter, single output stage, only 6/12 hpf/lpf options.

System Support

▷ Mac and Windows
▷ VST3 | AU