Vocal King Compressor Download Free

Vocal King Plugin:
Dynamic effects are guaranteed to help instruments and vocals fit into the mix! Used in several studios around the world. One of the best character compressors!

The Pressure Compressor Button is Vocal King's flagship product. Turning up the Pres knob increases the gain and adds presence to your voice along with gentle compression.

Low Cut, Tight and Bass work in tandem with the Pres Compressor to remove sludge without thinning the vocal. The crisp knobs add a certain sparkle to the highs that many find satisfying. The final compressor adds extra compression to your voice to thicken it up. DB output lowers the volume. Use the power button to quickly hear the difference between drying and processing. A, B, C, D, mode, let me understand what it means. After the signal passes her 0dB, the meter shows a decrease in gain. summary

Vocal King supports MAC/Windows/32bit/64bit/VST2/VST3/AU. Compatible with MAC OS X 10.7 / Windows 7 or later. It may not work on older systems.
Make your vocals stand out in a mix by giving them great presence, clarity and compression. You can easily work on other content. Acts such as preamps add a powerful boost to your signal.
Easy-to-use interface for quick results.
easy-to-read counter
Very CPU efficient compared to other types of plugins.
Quick license file. Free now!
It can also be used with many other audio sources.