Plugin developer company Karanyi Sounds (founded in 2018 by music producer, composer and user interface designer Dani Karanyi ) announces an exclusive Black Friday promotion that will allow you to get the new Vapor Dimension plugin, a modulation effect, for free. and vintage colour. This is a limited time promotion, don't be slow and go for it.

Karanyi Sounds since 2018:  with a simple mission, to create amazing sounding smooth synths. Since then, we have grown from a hobby project to an international startup with a group of artists and music professionals. Thus began the history of Karanyi Sounds. And in just a few short years, we've become one of the fastest growing brands in the software instrument industry.

Vapor Dimension by Karanyi Sounds

The Vapor Dimension plugin bills itself as a studio-quality modulation effect, capable of adding "breadth and rich vintage colors" to instruments such as synths, pianos, PADs, guitars, vocals, and more. It integrates 20 different DSP algorithms, while maintaining a simple workflow and low CPU consumption.

The main controls are the Type & Modulaction knobs. These two controls control the 20 DSP algorithms under the hood, this allows you to stay inspired and focused on your music production. With 'TYPE' we can select between the different subcategories (ranging from soft to heavy), and 'MODULATION' will allow us to refine and characterize the effect.

Vapor Dimension is inspired by vintage equipment, it will instantly take you back in time. Inspired by vintage chorus, phaser, and harmonizer hardware units, you can quickly add subtle, vintage, and Lo-Fi colors to your audio sources.

Without ideas? Choose from artist presets and explore the different flavors! Need even more inspiration? Generate new variations with the push of a button! (RANDOM) Vapor Dimension is equipped with the user-favorite Smart Random function of Karanyi Sounds products.

The legacy version of this effect was released in 2019 for the flagship microwave synth, Vapor Keys (Sunbaked Electric Pianos). Later in 2022 they improve its DSP capabilities and added it to the Lofi Keys synth. Finally, the Vapor Dimension arrived as a stand-alone effects unit that can be used on any sound source.

Vapor Dimension Free Download

The free download of the Vapor Dimension plugin can be found on the official website of the developer Karanyi Sounds ( link Here i). When you find yourself on the website you must go through the typical purchase process (checkout) that will allow you to purchase the Vapor Dimension plugin. (PS: be patient, the Karanyi sound site is quite slow, and at the time of publishing this I still haven't managed to get this plugin , I already have the plugin and license).

The Vapor Dimension plugin is available in VST3 / AU plugin formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac 64-bit operating systems.