Valves by AudioThing - Free for a limited time

A new promotion brings us the Loopcloud platform, if you are one of those who like audio samples, in millions, to add to your productions or to start taking the first step in that musical production, if the answer is yes, then don't miss the opportunity to sign up to try Loopcloud and discover millions of 'royalty free' sounds for only $1 USD (regular investment $7.99 USD). But this gets even better, all Loopcloud subscribers get a free copy of Valves by AudioThing ($59 regular investment), a plugin emulating vintage, authentic tube character that adds warmth to your productions, whatever your style. . Available on the monthly Artist plan. The promotion ends on January 4, 2023.

Valves by AudioThing

The Valves plugin is a vintage tube emulation (overdrive), with multi-mode resonant filter section and Cabinet/EQ section. The main "Valve" section is based on and is modeled on classic vintage tubes, with customization controls to adjust the Tube saturation it offers (Triode & Pentode) to your liking.

But to give it a little more versatility AudioThing adds the "Filter" section, this follows the model of a classic ladder filter (with 2 poles or 4 poles), we will find low pass, high pass, bandpass & notch filter modes (You can use before or after the Valve section). Followed by the "Cabinet/EQ" section, this offers a selection of modeled cabinets (you can emulate various types of guitar amps and further shape the overdrive sound) with some classic Bass & Treble EQ controls. 

Each section is independent and has its own Bypass (On/Off) button. And finally the Master section with Input, Output, Mix adjustment knobs (for parallel mixing and a button to activate a Soft Clipper). It also offers oversampling of up to 16x and more.

Valve: Get the Free Download

To get a free license for the AudioThing Valve plugin, you just have to subscribe to the Loopcloud platform ( LINK HERE I ), which is on sale for only $1 USD for the Artist plan (regularly $7.99 USD), after that you will receive a coupon for that you can redeem the Valve plugin at the Plugin Boutique online store. The promotion ends on January 4, 2023.

We will find the Valve plugin available in VST / VST3 / AU / AAX plugin formats compatible with DAWs on Windows and Mac 64-bit operating systems.