Valhalla Freq Echo Vst Plugin Free Download

Valhalla's Freq Echo is a plugin for creating intense, psychedelic-sounding delays and echoes. It is easier to use than the Super Massive delay listed above.

Freq Echo's GUI is simple and easy to use, with only five controls. The key word here is not flexibility. Freq Echo strives for a specific "pitched" delay sound, which it achieves admirably.

Freq Echo includes a frequency shifter and two filters in addition to the usual Mix, Feedback, and Delay options. The pitch shifter gives the plugin its trademark "unstable" delay feel, resulting in interesting, detuned sounds.

Freq Echo is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

Beautiful without being stoned.
Freq Echo is ideal for dub, Dr. Who, and other psychedelic endeavours.
The Bode-Style Frequency Shifter and Analog Echo Emulation produce unexpected sonic effects. From subtle chorusing and double tracking to barberpole phasing and flanging to endless glissandos and runaway echos, the possibilities are endless.
VST3, signed and notarized installers ready for Big Sur, and a signed Windows installer are all new in 1.2.0!
Native Intel and ARM builds are now available in 1.2.5 (for Mac)!


A quick demo of what Valhalla FreqEcho will do to a drop of water.
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