Transformant multichannel formant Vst Download Free

Transformant is a VST effects plugin that provides a multichannel formant filter effect designed to produce gritty, honking, nasal grunts rather than pristine angelic choirs.

With separate oscillators and vowel controls, the sounds can be shaped across the stereo field, and the sound can be routed through a distortion chain to emphasise the odd harmonics.

Transformant works best with spectrally rich input (such as sawtooth bass or drums), but you never know what kind of otherworldly howls you can extract from the most mundane of sound sources with subtle control adjustments.

Transformant is the leading effect on Drosophelia's Detractor if you want to hear the plugin's sound design qualities in action.

The archive contains VST2 and VST3 plugins for both macOS (10.10/Yosemite and higher) and Windows (7 and up). Additionally macOS users can also use Transformant as an Audio Unit.

  • Installation instructions are provided inside the archive's README file. Note macOS users should be aware of possible Gatekeeper issues.
  • Linux packages are currently not provided, though you can build from source.