The vibrancy and warmth of the tube along with the digital precision and clarity - no need to choose one anymore.

At the heart of this effect is the desire to create that gritty, lively tube sound out of a dry digital signal. TL TubeWarmth adds even harmonies to your input signal. This broadens the tone of the instrument and gives it new color and depth. A smooth tube overdrive gives your sound a new edge and accentuates your tone with new textures. This deceptively simple effect is a great addition to any musician's palette.

TubeWarmth's main goal is to bring the cold, precise digital sound closer to the warm, lively sound of a tube. This effect is simple in concept and serves two functions. One of the features is a slightly warm

overdrive of the input signal after the tube model. Another feature is to add even harmonics when processing the input signal. This provides a deeper signal at the output and adds a lively texture to the sound that many guitarists still prefer tube effects.

The frequency spectrum display feature allows you to see in detail the changes made while working with the plugin. By visualizing the input and output signals in real time, you can track exactly what

changes you make when you tune specific parameters. This feature makes sound manipulation as visual as possible, making it clear what exactly a particular parameter does in the frequency domain.

No DAW required
TL TubeWarmth also includes a standalone version of the effect, despite the fact that it was developed specifically for the plug-in format for use in your DAW. TubeWarmth Standalone is perfect for plugging in guitars and jams.

Suitable for almost every machine | TL TubeWarmth

System Requirements

TL TubeWarmth comes in 64-bit VST / VST3 / AU / Standalone.

Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.

Experimental native support for Ubuntu 16.04 or later.

Ubuntu 64Bit