This plugin modulates a two-unit noise reduction rack effect, which is capable of easily removing all unwanted noises from your mix. It is powerful yet simple. TL NoiseReducer is designed to be simple and easy to use, and it adapts perfectly to any specific task you have in mind. The controls of this plugin are simple - just tell it how closely to monitor the input signal and how strictly to respond, and that's it. Do you still find it difficult? The Reducer Unit Auto-Mode and EasyGate Unit will further simplify your workflow with this plugin, leaving you with only one knob to adjust the sensitivity of the effect.

This module emulates the Studio Noise Gate Rack Effect as a whole. It's quite simple to use and allows you enough leeway to tailor it to your individual needs, whether it's for guitar tracks, vocals, or something else different. This device may function in both automatic and manual modes. When you go to automated mode, the entire effect configuration is simplified to a single Threshold slider.

The EasyGate unit is based on the NoiseGate guitar pedal and is specifically designed to respond largely to the frequency range of the guitar. In practise, only one knob is frequently enough to configure the

Gate effect, and the EasyGate unit follows this approach. This unit includes a Hard mode for the dirtiest and most aggressive mixes, which considerably improves the sensitivity of the effect

when compared to the usual mode of operation.

The frequency spectrum display function will allow you to track the changes made when working with the plugin in great detail. The ability to see the input and output signals in real time allows you to see exactly what changes you have made when modifying a parameter. This feature makes working with sound as graphic as possible, and it becomes evident what a specific parameter does on the frequency range.

No DAW is required.
TL NoiseReducer is developed particularly for use as a plugin in a DAW, although a standalone version of the effect is also supplied. NoiseReducer Standalone is ideal if you want to keep your sound tight and clear while rocking!

System Requirements

TL NoiseReducer comes in 64-bit VST / VST3 / AU / Standalone.

Latest OS Compatibility for Windows & Mac.

Experimental native support for Ubuntu 16.04 or later.