Hornet Plugins Sybilla is an intelligent de-esser designed with one purpose: reduce those sibilant in almost no time.It works dividing the input signal in 8 different bands carefully tuned to the sibilant sound frequencies, the output of these filters drive a VCA modelled compressor that has a smooth and pleasant response. This coupled with envelope followers “perfect for speech” gives Sybilla a very musical sound but effective de-essing.

Features :

▷ Automatic de-essing

Adjustable effect amount

▷ 8 different detection filters

▷ on/off switches for each of the 8 filters

▷ effective de-essing regardless of signal level

▷ dry/wet knob

System Requirements :

▷ macOS X (>=10.11) and Windows (Vista and later) support

▷ Apple Silicon M1 support

▷ Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format

Sybilla is Free Till Nov 27,2022