Stereo Spring Verb Plugin Download Free From OSC Audio

OSC's springVerb is packed with 3 spring modes to give you a wide range of sounds to bring to your mix. The included Highpass Filter, Lowpass Filter, and controllable Decay*, help springVerb use on any source.

▷ RedSprings A full body big spring sound. Turn down the decay for a classic touch of spring, or crank it to 10 and let the spring go wild for massive ambience.

▷ DigiSprings A slightly smaller spring compared to RedSpring, with a less intrusive sound great for adding subtle touches of space to your source.

▷ CaliSprings Traditional guitar-amp based spring reverb with twang you'd expect. This sound includes a guitar cabinet which can add an interesting flavor to your sounds. This one is particularly designed with guitar players in mind. *Decay does not affect this mode.

All settings can be saved and loaded in your sessions as well as crossplatform presets. All parameters offer automation control to get the most expressive sound.

System Requirement

▷ Stand alone and VST3/AU compatible plug-in for Mac/PC.

▷ macOS 10.14 or later (M1 Native) / Windows 10 (or later)

***Use Code " INTROPRICE " to get it for free