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Dolos is a wave-morphing, hyper-distortion effect plugin.

With Dolos, you can easily add complex, futuristic sounds to your music. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to create and customize your own unique distortion effects. Whether you're a professional producer or a beginner, Dolos is the perfect tool for adding a cutting-edge edge to your sound.


Hyper-distortion is a type of audio effect that creates a highly distorted sound. It is often used in electronic music and other genres that require intense, futuristic-sounding effects. Hyper-distortion typically involves complex waveform manipulation, which can produce a wide range of sounds from subtle to extreme. It is often used to add depth and character to electronic instruments, or to create unique, otherworldly sounds.


Wave-morphing is a technique used in digital audio processing to smoothly transition between different waveforms. This allows the creation of complex and evolving sounds that would not be possible with simple waveform manipulation. In music production, wave-morphing is often used to create smooth, seamless transitions between different sounds, or to create unique, complex sound effects. It can be used in a variety of settings, from electronic music to sound design for film and video games.

Other Features

4 Environmental Mods

Lab Mode


Premium Preset Packs

DRM Free

Environmental Mods

Turn it to 11 with Environmental Mods. With just a click, you can easily toggle mods to fine-tune or mangle your sound in all new ways.

  • Noise Mod - The power grid is malfunctioning!
  • Deep Mod - Dive deeper into the earth and soar higher into the sky.
  • Gravity Mod - Valleys and Plateaus erode into oblivion under the influence of high gravity.
  • Voltage Mod - Did we say you can turn it to 11?

Lab Mode

"Lab Mode" is a unique feature of Dolos that allows sound designers to simulate how the processing affects their sound by "playing" a hypothetical sine wave through the plugin's processing chain. This can be especially useful for sound designers who are trying to achieve a specific sound or effect and want to see how different processing settings will affect the final result.

Note: This mode can be activated at any time and *does not affect the ability to process your actual audio stream.

Stereo Oscilloscope + Spectrum Analyzer

The oscilloscope allows the user to view the waveform of the sound, while the spectrum analyzer can be used to identify any frequency content or harmonic content present in the sound.

The combination of these two tools allows sound designers to quickly identify any problems in their audio, as well as to make creative decisions about how to shape the sound.

Note: This is highly optimized C++ code that is very kind to your CPU.

DRM Free

No license keys, no forced updates, no "always online" requirements.

DRM Free software allows you to use the software without any restrictions or limits. DRM stands for digital rights management and is a form of technology that restricts the use of digital content. By using DRM free software, musicians and audio producers are able to use the software without worrying about any limitations or restrictions imposed by DRM technology. This allows them to use the software in the way they see fit and make the best use of it.


Hype Drops & Intros

Savage Sweeps

Killer Guitar Tones

Hyper Pop Vocals

Garbage Drums

Twisted Bass

Broken Synths

Much More!

Features include:

▷4 Environmental Mods

  • Lab Mode
  • Oscilloscope and Analyzer
  • Premium Preset Packs
  • DRM Free

System Requirement


Windows 10 (or later)

64 bit processor

Compatible DAW (all major DAWs are supported!)


macOS High Sierra (or later)

Intel or ARM processor