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Dilin Nair, better known as Raftaar, was born on November 16, 1988. He is regarded as one of the first desi rappers, songwriters, performers, TV personalities, and music producers.

He began his career as a dancer. He began rapping with Lil Golu and Ikka in 2008, making tracks and sharing them on social media. He began working with Yo Yo Honey Singh as a member of the Mafia Mundeer gang. Raftaar later left the organisation due to financial problems. Raftaar subsequently resigned.

The Ascension

WTF - Witness The Future, Raftaar's debut album, was released in 2013. He made his Bollywood debut in 2013 with the song "Tamanche Pe Disco," which starred Sonakshi Sinha and Saif Ali Khan and became a hit.

Before this incident, hip hop had made a few appearances in Bollywood, but with artists like Raftaar and Honey Singh, its position became much stronger. Rap gradually but firmly established its foothold in Bollywood, and there appeared to be a time when no Bollywood movie was completed without rap songs from either Raftaar or Honey Singh.

The Distinction

Raftaar distinguished himself from his contemporaries through the songs he chose and the meaning he conveyed through his lyrics. Raftaar once stated that when an artist begins his underground career, he begins strong with real-life issues and continues to write for a better society, which in a true sense is a depiction of his own self, but as he gains traction from mainstream press and investors, he changes to cater to their needs by giving more significance to audience preferences and tastes, attempting to create more commercial content, and this denotes the death of an artist's authenticity.

Raftaar, on the other hand, has overcome this reputation and developed an incredible blend of commercial and underground songs throughout his career.

The Change

Hip-hop has only been popular in India for a little more than a decade, and Raftaar has recently argued that for hip-hop to reach the general public, it must first pass through the Bollywood sound. Thus, comparing hip-hop in the West to hip-hop in India would be unfair because both contexts have vastly different cultural backgrounds.

"It's only taken 10 years to get to this point, and in another 10 years there will be pure rap work without real melodic verses," Raftaar pointed out. “Now we are gradually moving away from cinema and into projects of our own.” The idea of ​​a person speaking spontaneous poetry to the beat is slowly gaining acceptance as an artistic expression. increase. "


Alongside his Baadshah, Ikka, Honey Singh and Lil Golu he started as a member of the Mafia Mundeer and his platform was about to launch but split due to artistic and ideological conflicts. I had to. From that point on, there was no turning back. He collaborates with various artists across genres and is energetically active.

A number of his famous collaborations over the years have proven his ability to create variety and deliver it well every time.His most popular collaborations include the song "All Black" by Raftaar and singer Sukhe. , Raftaar and popular dancer and performer Nora Fatehi on the track "Baby Marvake Manegi" and the song "Dhaakad" from the film Dangal. The song was a collaboration between Raftaar and songwriter His Amitabh Bhattacharya and composer His Pritam. Title His track "Naachne Ka Shaunq" is a consortium of ideas from Broda and Raftaar, and "Tamanche Pe Disco" is another blockbuster synthesis of his by Raftaar and Nindy Kaur from the movie Bullet Raja. "Tiger Zinda Hai" is another successful collaboration between Raftaar and the singer. - Skwinder Singh, songwriter for Salman Khan's hit film.

These examples only scratch the surface of his great talent and, combined with his many years of professional experience, provide him with an ideal pool of knowledge to learn from.

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