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A tabla is a pair of twin Indian subcontinent hand drums. Tabla has been the primary percussion instrument in Hindustani classical music since the 18th century, where it can be played solo, in accompaniment with other instruments and vocals, or as part of larger ensembles. In India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka, tabla is also frequently used in popular and folk music performances.  The tabla is also an important instrument in Hinduism and Sikhism's bhakti devotional traditions, such as bhajan and kirtan singing It is a popular qawali instrument among Sufi musicians.  Tabla is also used in Kathak dance performances there is very less sample packs available to download when it comes to tabla and dholki best we tried our best to get best of the best tabla loops for uh hope you guys like it . 

The name tabla is most likely derived from tabl, the Arabic word for drum.

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