Pelennor DSP's ComPressure is a dual channel compressor with side-chain and mid/side support, gain reduction limits and an inbuilt safety clipper.

The compression method is a modified version of the one by Chris Johnson in the Airwindows plugin Pressure5.


▷ External side-chain support

▷ High pass filter for internal or external side-chain

▷ Optional gain reduction limit

▷ Defeatable soft/safety clipper

▷ Mewiness control for vari-mu style compression

▷ Switchable parameter linking between the two channels

▷ Per channel makeup gain and overall output gain control

▷ Bypass switches per channel and for the entire plugin

System Requirements

Compressure is available in 64 bit format for both Windows (as VST3 and CLAP) and MacOS (as VST3 and AU)