Noisebuds FREE De-Harsher V 3.5

smile 4
Smile is a Fletcher Manson-based fanatic. Smile uses phenomena discovered by Fletcher and Manson to smooth speech and match its frequency response to human hearing. With the transient recovery engine, you can push it pretty hard before it starts to muffle. It also incorporates a filter that leaves the very low highs untouched so as not to create too much of a laugh curve.

Changelog 3.5 - 4.0:

The transient recovery engine is now stereo. Adjust the width using the Link knob.
Temporary preview button is larger for usability on high resolution screens
Oversampled by a factor of 2 to avoid spasms. 

Download for Patreons:

For everyone else, version 3.5 is now set free. You find the download below!