Native Instruments LO-FI GLOW, plus a three-month trial of KOMPLETE NOW.

For the latest instalment of Novation’s Sound Collective community giveaway Novation have teamed up with Native Instruments to offer a free copy of their plug-in synth LO-FI GLOW (normally $49), as well as a three-month trial of KOMPLETE NOW — their ever-changing bundle of instruments and effects (normally $9.99 per month). From 22nd June 2022 to 6th October 2022, all Sound Collective members can pick up their copy of LO-FI GLOW and start their three-month free trial of KOMPLETE NOW.

LO-FI GLOW — instant low-fi textures at your fingertips

LO-FI GLOW is a high-quality instrument offering vintage synths, keys, organs, guitars, and bass — all processed through effects pedals, tape decks, and samplers. The distinctive sounds from LO-FI GLOW offer hazy, fuzzy, dirty lo-fi melodics and it comes with powerful tools under the hood. From custom effects chains to macro editing — you will be able to quickly sculpt your own tones.

KOMPLETE NOW — Premium synths, samplers, and effects every month

KOMPLETE NOW offers you the opportunity to get your hands on some of the most sought-after production tools — a curated bundle of essential instruments and effects that help you achieve high-quality sounds, no matter your genre.

“For this offering we’ve teamed up with one of the giants of the plug-in world, Native Instruments” says Sound Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell."

“They’ve offered up their fantastic LO-FI GLOW instrument, a sample-based synth with a grainy aesthetic."

“As the name suggests, there’s a real saturated and warm quality to the sounds contained within this instrument. It’s a real joy to play and it’s very easy to get beautiful melodies out of it that sit within your productions. I’ve particularly enjoyed the pad and keys sounds contained within. The level of customisation and control you’re afforded means you can come up with some pretty unique sounds."

“All round, this instrument is a joy to use and of extremely high quality, as you’d expect from a brand like Native Instruments.”

Sound Collective members can get their free copy of the LO-FI GLOW instrument from 22nd June 2022 to 6th October and access their three-month free trial of KOMPLETE NOW.

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