Initial Clipper VST Download Free

Initial Clipper is a free soft clipper plugin that prevents audio signals from exceeding zero decibels. This is done by starting from the threshold and smoothing the peaks with soft clipping. The faster and higher the peak, the lower the threshold needed to get a pleasant sound. The Initial Clipper comes with a very useful (and cool) Peak display. Peaks falling into the threshold region are gently clipped, smoothed, and volume adjusted. I also added saturation. Who doesn't want more fullness!? With the positive and negative saturation parameters you can add harmonic and non-harmonic saturation to your audio signal to add fatness and warmth to your sound. Note that this saturation is applied to the entire signal, not just the peaks, thus reducing the dynamic range of the mix.

Since it's common to use a soft clipper on the master channel, I added his industry-standard LUFS meter (onboard) to give an instant idea of ​​how loud the mix is.