Fruity Compressor

Fruity Compressor is a Fantastic plugin, if you ever try to use a compressor u feel its a pretty hard job for any third party hard job but not for this fl studio stock vst

Fruity Compressor: Compression is one of the most important effects mixing mastering in any daw. It makes the kick drums more 'tight', makes bass sound more 'fat'. most Importantly, compression makes a mix sound pretty much louder.

When to use: if you Use the Fruity Compressor on every individual sounds in mixer track. It is well suited to vocal tracks in the mixer, and individual kick/percussion and bass sounds. If you are mastering any track and need to apply compression to a complete mix i recommend use any Multi-band Compressor for better results.
What is compression?
Compression is a method to automatically reduce any extra gain present in the sound and you can reduce extra peaks and increase low sounding parts . When the input signal exceeds a threshold the gain is reduced also some
compressors support the side-chaining option with the help of side chaining you can decrease any any sound on a specific point when a different sound comes in but its a different topic to discuss lets get back to compression. Compressing the peak transient of any signal, frees up headroom to increase the gain of the sustained part of the sound, this step increases loudness of the sound. NOTE: compression represents a trade-off between dynamics and loudness
Threshold – Set the dB level at which the compressor comes in. Range: 0.0 to -60.0 dB. main purpose of the threshold is to set a boundary line for the incoming signal so that when signal comes in the ratio starts to work according to the threshold line . threshold line will tell the ratio that how much signal is coming in and how much needs needs to control
Ratio – as i told u in the previous line that ratio is a important aspect for the compressor because ratio decides the amount of the sound that how much of sound should be compressed in the in the upcoming signal the more ratio you increase the more it will compress the sound if you use it too much it will start to act like a limiter and your signal will start to sound unnatural.
Gain – gain know is a pretty simple feature but important to learn its important when you compress any signal the signal will loose some of its volume level and in this situation gain knob comes in take over the situation and increase the sound it loose before.
Attack – attack is a most underrated but powerful knob present in the every compressor you will say why its is so important then let me tell you the real work of the attack knob it delays the incoming signal in the compression to make the compression effect little bit weak and And also little smooth.
Release – release time creates a delays in the signal when signal tries to come out it delays the compressed sound and also make the compression more flexible.
Knee Type
fl studio gave us the knee with four type with first of all we’ll understand what is knee. knee is similar to the ratio but it works on the point of the ratio line its make s the ration hard medium and soft
The actual values for this property meant in knee type knob :
Hard – 0 dB
Medium – 6 dB
Vintage – 7 dB
Soft – 15 dB
Compression is not a difficult topic to talk or understand rather it is very easy and useful technique but some people doesn’t understand this completely and after this they face issue in the whole production career if you understand it carefully if will work for u like a charm