How Musicians Become Famous

if you are looking for some steps to become famous musician then there is no step to doing that because being famous is a thing which comes to you when you work with these two combinations eg work and work smart

you can't just work hard or you can't just work smart you have to do both

firstly if you wanna be famous as musician you have to find your core sound first every artist has there own unique sound to capture there audience if you copy anyone in

term of sound of your music then people will not gonna recognise you so go and find you sound first

secondly produce quality over quantity if you focus on quantity people start to getting bore coz it doesn't matter that how many songs you"ve created the thing which matter is the quality songs you provide to the audience

and third part its very basic advice but still pretty important . you have to do good marketing coz in this industry there is lots of competition and every body doing there marketing and if you lack marketing in the starting of your career they"ll over power you so work smart

and when. i talk about quality over quantity that doesn't mean you publish your song 1 in 6 Months yo have to create 1 song at least in 2 months and that one should be really good

so these are some basic stuff and i think if you follow these you'll become famous too.