Hammer - A FREE Compressor Plugin

Hammer is a Free hybrid modern and vintage compressor/limiter plugin from Vidar

Vidar Audio is a Japanese plug-in developer founded by Franck Shigetora. They also have free Maximiser Plugin called Barrier .

Hammer has a very easy to use layout. The knobs has a very similar layout to that of the in-famous 1176 compressor. Apart from INPUT, RATIO, ATTACK,RELEASE,KNEEM OUTPUT and MIX, Hammer also comes with a side-chaining option.


▷ RATIO has a limiter function

▷ ATTACK and RELEASE can be set to extremely short settings

▷ KNEE for smooth compression

▷ MIX for parallel compression

▷ PEAK and RMS input selectable

▷ CH-LINK for channel linkage adjustment

▷ SIDE CHAIN support

▷ 64-bit double precision processing

System Requirements

▷ Windows7 64bit or later

▷ MacOS 64bit 10.12 or later(Intel,Apple Silicon)