Note: This is a Lite version of HALO Plugin. Advanced features and presets are not included. You can get the full version here.

A New breed of instrument

With a visual and creative workflow, HALO combines meticulously crafted re-sampled audio with a host of synth layers, processing and FX to make huge sounding basses, leads, pads and more. The immense presets will either slot straight into your projects or serve as an inspirational start point, but delve deeper into the extensive filter, FX and modulation options to make whole new sounds with just a few clicks. Unlike many Romplers, HALO also allows you to add your own custom audio with infinite sound design possibilities.


  • Rompler & Synth in One
  • 43 Meticulously Crafted Presets & 18 Sample Banks
  • Bass, Reeses, Pads, Leads & FX
  • 3 Distortion Modes Including Waveshaping Distortion
  • Step Sequence Modulation
  • Easy Routing & Editable LFOs
  • Randomly Generate Distortion Wave Shapes, LFO Shapes & Sample Bank Selection
  • Powerful FX
  • Master EQ
  • 4 Filters
  • Dedicated Pitch Enveloper

HALO Full Version Extras (Not included in HALO LITE)

  • 360 + Presets & 300+ Sample Banks
  • Import User Audio Files
  • HALO FX Plug-in
  • Custom Waveshaping Distortion
  • Random Preset Generation
  • Expansions
  • Second Synth Oscillator