The saturation module on the TBProAudio CS5501V2 channel strip plug-in serves as the basis for GSat+, which also includes additional capabilities that the team has requested. It offers a variety

of saturation modes, high tweakability, oversampling, vintage VU metres, cross-platform software compatibility, and a button that will send you immediately to in case you need any advice, inspiration, or recommendations or if you want to trade presets with other users.

Features :

▷ Saturation with three different “tube-based” character modes

▷ Clip protection

▷ VU meters

▷ Signal monitoring

▷ Over sampling

▷ Plug-in bypass

▷ Preset management

▷ Large and easy to use freely-scalable GUI

▷ 64-bit internal processing

▷ Very efficient CPU usage design

System Requirement :

▷ Windows 32/64 bit (no GPU)

32/64 bit VST, VST3 and AAX

▷ Mac 64 bit (Intel, Arm, GPU)

64 bit VST, VST3, AAX and AU